I Want To Know Everything

2010 October 15
by CajoleJuice

I always found the following lyrics that close Nine Inch Nails – “I Do Not Want This” to be pretty spot-on. Maybe they’ve only popped back into my head due to listening to The Social Network soundtrack recently (which is fucking incredible, by the way). Trent Reznor is one talented motherfucker.

I want to know everything
I want to be everywhere
I want to fuck everyone in the world
I want to do something that matters

Does it really need explaining?

But it got me to thinking; I thought about how I would break it down into my personal components. I feel overwhelmed with how many different things I would love to do at any point in time and I end up deciding on none of them. Sometimes this is due to laziness; other times, depression. Right now, I’m going to lean towards the latter. It’s hard to focus on anything when you are just not happy in the slightest. I blame the long waits between rounds of MLB playoffs. I haven’t watched a game since Monday! So depressing.

Of the things that populate this list, some aren’t serious, some are very unlikely, some are impossible — and it’s certainly impossible to do all of them. Some things are simple activities, others are lifelong ventures. Some things are general, others are arbitrarily specific. Some things are just emotional and behavioral traits that I wish were different. But they are all things that crowd my head and fill me with disappointment when it comes to not accomplishing any of them. And this list definitely isn’t all-inclusive.

I want to:

Read every halfway decent book.
Watch every film Armond White has given a negative review.
Learn how to play Go.
Solve every crossword puzzle.
Play through every acclaimed video game.
Be better than you at every multiplayer video game.
Create an iPhone app.
Travel to every country the average person actually knows.
Live in numerous cities.
Write in my journal each night Doug-style.
Attend an Olympics.
Be closer with my friends and family.
See the Earth from space.
Take beautiful pictures.
Fall painfully in love again.
Experience a World Cup firsthand.
Accumulate a million Twitter followers.
Write a book.
Decimate my carbon footprint.
Upload a video to YouTube that subsequently goes viral.
Pen a movie script.
Learn to dance well.
Donate and volunteer more.
Run a 5K in 24 minutes.
Master Photoshop.
Keep abreast of every development and breakthrough in science.
Try stand-up comedy.
Listen to every well-known album.
Game the stock market.
Become a monster at chess.
Eat at a three-Michelin-star restaurant.
Blog everyday.
Stop being a moronic poker player.
Formulate some semblance of a coherent worldview.
Bang everyone’s mom — and well.
Learn to draw and paint.
Frustrate people with my Scrabble ability.
Peruse every influential newspaper and magazine.
Check out every beloved television show.
Pick up the guitar.
Let go of pointless regrets.
Keep up with every interesting blog.
Build a PC.
Not care what anyone thinks.
Watch every important sporting event.
Hustle douchebags at pool and darts.
Learn a bunch of languages.
Initiate conversation effortlessly with anyone.
Memorize dozens of mixed drinks.
Become a scratch golfer.
Get awesome at tennis.
Run a Major League baseball team.
Taste every beer and wine and spirit.
Be able to discuss politics intelligently.
Buy a front-row seat to the final of every major sport.
Have the ability to bust out 100 pushups in a row.
Develop some sense of style.
Learn to cook awesome shit.
Get a chance to start over.

And I want to do all these things while getting at least seven hours of sleep a night.

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  • http://www.amazinavenue.com James K.

    I LOL’d at some of these.

    “Bang everyone’s mom — and well.”

    I’m gonna make a list like this.

  • Adam

    Does this mean that you’ll be on MSN less often?