Who Wants Two Mets Books?

2010 September 1

If watching a team that was supposed to be a new dynasty piss away the admittedly disappointing primes of a couple of homegrown players isn’t enough, you can now read about another ultimately disappointing era in Mets history, and also a personal history of the franchise told by a man with a terrifying memory.

The Bad Guys Won! is exactly what that ridiculously long subtitle says. It consists of Jeff Pearlman utilizing his mediocre writing ability to describe the exploits of a Mets team that was actually great. It’s a fun enough read, but after reading an excerpt or two of Pearlman’s 1990′s Dallas Cowboys book, the 1986 Mets seem pretty tame in comparison.

Faith and Fear in Flushing is the book form of the blog named (surprise!) Faith and Fear in Flushing. Greg Prince really likes to write, and it shows in both his blog and book. He’s definitely also a huge dork, but hey, the guy knows his Mets. If you want an emotional and personal rundown of the Mets from their inception — well, a few years into their existence — to their frustrating present, it’s certainly a lot better than Wikipedia.

I want to give away these books to someone who might actually read and enjoy them. If you think you satisfy those two conditions, comment below and shoot me an email at cajolejuice@gmail.com. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep this raffle open, so just comment when you see this — no procrastination!

UPDATE: Well, it seems that both Amazin’ Avenue and Faith and Fear in Flushing have linked to this post. Thanks, guys! I didn’t even mean for people to prove that they deserved the books, but these comments are great. The downside is that I’m going to feel bad about randomly picking only one winner. And I think I’ll announce that one winner on Labor Day.

UPDATE 2: WINNER - Don Cheech!

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  • http://www.fleshbot.com Tom “The Animal” Murray

    Enter me in for Faith and Fear in Flushing. You can give it to me next time I whoop your ass at trivia.

    • http://somewhatmanlynerd.com/blog CajoleJuice

      They come as a package, sir. And next Monday it is ON. I’ll actually go up if there’s a tie this time, too.

      • Tom

        No Quiz on Labor Day. Now you should give them to me for saving you the trip to the Sage!

      • http://somewhatmanlynerd.com/blog CajoleJuice

        I only go after I have confirmation from the rest of the team. No special treatment for you.

  • Greg E

    Enter me in the raffle!

    Though I’m actually a Jays fan, I have a large soft spot for the Mets. (The only other team I would bother cheering for!)

  • B

    I would like to be in the raffle. I have been a Mets fan since the 80′s during the Pirates
    rivalry, having grown up outside of Pittsburgh and sick of everything being Pirates, Steelers, and Penguins. But once the Mets get in your blood, you are stuck forever. Good or bad.

  • Franco “Don Cheech” Salandra

    Yes, I want in dammit!!

  • srt

    Yes, please enter me in this raffle.

    As a 40+ years, long suffering Met fan, the only solace I have these days is reading about the ‘glory’ years for this franchise – RE: ‘The Bad Guys Won’.

    As Greg Prince is approximately the same age as me (a lady never reveals her age), his book is sure to bring back many of those same Met memories I have that Mr. Prince brings to us in his book.

    I was lucky enough to be a young Met fan during the Miracle season of ’69.
    By ’86 I was a long standing, ‘bleed orange and blue’, die hard Met fan. Going to be hard to top that Amazin’ season.

    I just hope now I live long enough to actually experience yet a third World Series Championship for the Mets…..

  • Jeff R

    I went to the first game in 1962 at the Polo Grounds (who knew to keep the ticket stub)
    We made up signs at the Polo Grounds
    Went to first game at Shea (see comment for first game at Polo Grounds)
    Still made signs.
    Got older… stopped making signs
    Loved ’69 and ’86 (who didn’t?)
    A bit less in ’73 and 2000.
    Even less in ’88 and ’06
    The rest… the best words… from fun to frustration.
    Moved To Florida in ’02.
    Look forward to my spring training games in St. Lucie and my occasional trips north to visit Shea (RIP) and CitiField (where we have a “brick”).
    Spend $$$ of the Comcast baseball package so I can watch the games (occasionally have to suffer through the ultra homer voices of the Marlins, Phillies and Braves announcers). Would love a refund this year.
    Now free books! (maybe) Ah, to sit back and relax without anticipating a blown save…

  • http://facebook.com/jmbrill Justin

    Every year, I predict the Mets will go 162-0, David Wright will collect 200 RBI, and D-Urph (Daniel Murphy) will final claim the throne of Baseball Jesus, hopefully anointed by the obvious John the Baptist in this ridiculousness: “Saint” Bobby Valentine. So it has been written.

    Also, if I ever see Steve Phillips, I vow to spit in his face with Robbie Alomar’s saliva – ew. Kevin Appier for Mo Vaughn! If only Mo Vaughn were an elected office, and Kevin Appier were running for it would the words “Kevin Appier for Mo Vaughn” make any kind of sense to me, unless I was getting Kevin Appier in the deal. The Angels should have thrown in Jim Fregosi for old times’ sake.

    Where have you gone Endy Chavez, Shea Stadium turns it’s commemorative stone in Citi Field parking lot to you. Woo hoo hoo.

  • Jay

    I’m young enough to have never seen the Mets win a championship (I was 4 in 86). Been a fan as long as I can remember – go to several games a year. I was lucky enough to go to some playoff games in 99, 00, and 06 including the grandslam single game – high point of my fandom. Also been to at least 1 Mets-Yankee game every year since interleague started.

    I love reading the Mets blogs, and would love a chance to win these books.

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  • Stephen

    I collect baseball books to read because I love learning more about the great game of baseball. I can’t afford to buy books so I’m looking for free where I can get it.

  • Luis

    I was in the hospital for appendicitis from October 2nd through October 18th of 1986. That World Series was the best “welcome home” gift anyone could give a 10-year old. Score one for the bad guys! I’d love to read about it all over again.

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  • Eric

    Sign me up please! Both have been on my Amazon wishlist for a while now. Haven’t read any baseball books since “On the Black” and Ronnie’s “The Complete Game”. Thoroughly enjoyed both and would love to buff up on my Mets history.