I Have Returned

2010 June 17

The longer you don’t do something, the harder it becomes to start doing it again. I’m sure I could state that much more eloquently, but I think that gets the point across. I’m sure this applies to many of you reading this. Why is this the case? Procrastination can build upon itself and only continues in self-perpetuation because just the thought of what you’ve been procrastinating from makes you ashamed, forcing you to quickly distract yourself with something else. Or at least that’s what I read on the internet. Not that I’m ASHAMED that I haven’t blogged in a while, but I’m definitely a bit annoyed with my own laziness. Roy Halladay’s perfect game couldn’t even get me to write. What kind of baseball fan am I?

I think I’ve used golf to distract myself from everything recently. Although maybe I’m just straight up addicted to it. Having a friend or two who’s there to support and also take part in the addictive behavior only serves to magnify it. Want to play every Monday and Wednesday? Want to go to the practice green? Want to talk putting when you stop over to hang out in my backyard at 4 am on a Friday night? Yeah, sure.

Starcraft II would be the other distraction addiction. I’m going to end up pre-ordering the special edition any day now, I’m sure. Sigh. I really thought that after my initial dip into the beta only lasted a few embarrassing weeks that I was done being obsessed with such an unforgiving multiplayer game. But then a few friends got beta keys a couple of months later and I got sucked back in and now I haven’t known how to spend my gaming time since the beta went down. As a result, I am watching Starcraft II VIDEOS. I am officially a junkie. What gaming drug could ween me off this? Civilization IV? No, that’d be even worse. Besides, its successor is coming out in a few months as well. I think it and SC2 are the only two videogames I care about at this point in time.

I could use this as an easy segue into E3 discussion and how I hate motion controls, but I can leave that for another post (possibly a non-existent post). I probably should be distracting myself with The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay more, as it’s the most fun I’ve had reading a novel in a long, long time. Perhaps I will wrap up this “welcome back” post to myself on this note and go read it.

Or start on a post about the “Year of the Pitcher“. Or not.

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