My Giddiness Over Inception Has Me Thinking…

2010 May 8

That’s two straight blog post titles ending in ellipses; I have to be breaking some sort of rule here.

I’m wondering when was the last time I was this excited this far in advance about an upcoming piece of entertainment. I’m sure a list would be a more effective and/or popular post (since everyone loves those), and maybe I’ll make one in the future, but right now I’m just going to ramble on about things that made me both hard in the pants and soft in the brain. With regards to soft in the brain, I present the example of how I wasn’t even hearing Joseph Gordon-Levitt correctly in the Inception trailer, despite watching it a half-dozen times.

Does something like Call of Duty 4 count? I don’t remember how much I was looking forward to that game before the beta hit and blew everything out of the fucking water. Yeah, after playing that beta, I was certainly looking forward to the full game, but I feel like the beta was equivalent to watching the first 30 minutes of Inception, or arguably even more. It was the FULL multiplayer experience, just limited to three maps — three maps which turned out to be some of the best in the final game. I played the beta for almost 50 hours; I think I got my money’s worth right there. I guess what I’m trying to say is that two months before that beta, I wasn’t watching clips of COD4 over and over again.

While attempting to think of other hyped-up things in the past couple of years, I can only think of The Dark Knight, which is probably indicative of my terrible memory or my incapability to think of anything not related to Christopher Nolan. But I don’t think I was ever as hyped up as I am right now, despite the amount of posts I made related to the film leading up to its release. There was no trailer that was as awesome as this Inception trailer — the latter of which I haven’t even seen in full 1080p glory on my HDTV yet. I will make another post just for that when it hits the internet. And really, the fact that The Dark Knight was so great despite being set in a comic-book world is only more reason to be flipping out at the prospect of an original Christopher Nolan film. It’s impossible for me NOT to be more excited about Inception than TDK.

So what else has there been? I don’t get too excited about music albums until singles or live performances of the album start trickling out, and even then, I don’t obsess over them for hours. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a book; I think this is a result of never reading Harry Potter or A Song of Ice and Fire or any current fiction authors, period. And television? Yeah, I certainly get excited about the season premieres and season finales and everything in between for shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men, but they are such small doses at a time that it’s impossible to get into a frenzy. It’s only after an episode blows my mind that I go apeshit.

That brings it down to movies and games, basically. Advertising companies really do their job with regards to movies — maybe a little too well. I hope I’m not burnt out on Inception by the time the movie actually comes out. With games, it was always my constant checking of gaming websites and GAF that would fuel my anticipation. Nowadays, I barely read any gaming sites and I rarely venture over to the gaming side of GAF, and as a result, I haven’t been hyped up for a game in a few years. Starcraft II would be a very good candidate, but as I recently explained, that beta pisses me off so much sometimes that I rather imagine a world where it doesn’t exist.

So that narrows it down to movies then. That’s the only entertainment I’ll be going crazy about beforehand from now on. And possibly only Christopher Nolan movies.

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  • lordoftherink

    Sorry Cajole, but your new poll is quite flawed due to the fact that I could only vote for one of the Inception options. Looks great, last trailer that I can remember doing this to me was maybe Star Trek last year, but I think this did it moreso, especially since I never liked ST prior to that movie, but I’ve loved Nolan’s other mindbenders. As for avoiding being burned out before seeing the film in theatres, I’m going to avoid seeing any additional clips/trailers/news about the movie from here to release, although it won’t be easy.

    • CajoleJuice

      I can’t imagine there will be much more shown in the next two months. I guess I was referring more to seeing commercials over and over, which is kinda unavoidable.

      On the other hand, I keep watching this trailer, and will end up posting the HD version when it comes out, so I’m just doing it to myself (and everyone else).

      • lordoftherink

        I suppose you’re right, but with some movies it seems like close to release some websites put up “five minutes from movie x” or details come out from critics/people seeing early screenings. Speeding made a great point in the GAF thread about how this trailer manages to give the basic outline of the plot, but doesn’t give away the entire damn movie, so I don’t mind seeing it a couple more hundred times.

      • CajoleJuice

        I forgot about that annoying practice nowadays. Although, you know, the first scene from TDK being released beforehand only made me more hyped and didn’t really take anything away from the movie for me.

        But yeah, the trailer is perfect. And now I need to make a post for the HD version.

        And I need to fix this comment threading…