Possibly The Greatest Flash Game Ever

2010 April 30

SUPER MARIO CROSSOVER: in which you play Super Mario Bros. as other iconic NES characters. The first time I played as Samus in this underground level, I pretty much nerdgasmed. And the appropriate power-ups for each character? What a fucking impressive, nostalgia-overload-inducing creation.

Since I just blogged about turning 24, my love of this flash game makes me wonder at what age do kids not immediately recognize the above pic? And that Samus does not belong there? 20? 18? 15? 10? I really have no idea. It obviously depends on a huge amount of factors, so let’s say at what age does 50% of the narrow one-year demographic fail to be awesome?

I should totally do a study by visiting high schools and middle schools across the U.S., showing this screenshot — among other NES ones — and see how much they know. How much would Obama pay me for that invaluable research? I think this idea is worth time and money more than having Senate hearings on steroids in baseball, but that’s just me.

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  • justin

    gonna link to it? or just put it up there to tease…

    • http://somewhatmanlynerd.com/blog CajoleJuice

      Oh jesus, sorry. hahah

  • http://thefrankman.wordpress.com/ The Frankman

    I expected Nanaca Crash or Robot Unicorn Attack. I leave disappointed.

    • http://somewhatmanlynerd.com/blog CajoleJuice

      Only you, Frankman.