Time For You To Watch Archer

2010 March 10
by CajoleJuice

I love AMC, and I believe it has the two very best dramatic shows on television, but FX is just more much prolific and its track record is impressive. The Shield, Rescue Me, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Damages, Sons of Anarchy, and The League all awesome, even the ones I haven’t seen myself. Add Archer to the awesome pile.

This is something that should be on Adult Swim — especially since it comes from the creator of Frisky Dingo and Sealab 2021 — but unfortunately most of the original stuff created for that nowadays is godawful. But FX knows quality television when it sees it, so they made this shit happen. Arrested Development fans might be interested to know that the mother character is played by Jessica Walter a.k.a. Lucille Bluth. And she’s just as perfect as she was on AD.

Time for you to get your Hulu on. Now.

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  • anth

    i was sold after i read lucille bluth

    • http://somewhatmanlynerd.com/blog CajoleJuice

      This is why I mentioned it.