My Blog Is Not iPhone-Friendly

2010 February 21
by CajoleJuice

I’ve spent 3 out of the past 5 afternoons fixing my aunt’s computer. This fact could be the basis of a blog post, but it wouldn’t get nearly the same attention as something with “iPhone” in the title. Let’s just say recovery discs probably by computer manufacturers are fucking bullshit. I figured this already — which is why I had never used one before — but for various reasons, it seemed like the easy way to go in this situation. It wasn’t. Ridiculously frustrating lesson learned. In other news, I have 8 days to get a legit copy of Windows 7 before my RC expires and starts shutting down every 2 hours. Shit.

But what spurred this post was browsing the internet with a newly-installed Firefox, visiting my own site, and seeing that the Song of the Week posts had that missing Flash plugin symbol. It had never even crossed my mind that those little things were Flash. I mean, of course they’re Flash, but I’ve never thought about this stuff before the iPhone and iPod Touch. I have an iPod Touch and I never even noticed it before — maybe because I barely use it. Combined with the now daily animated GIFs until I receive what I rightly deserve, it must take an obscene amount of time to load the site and then some of the posts end up being worthless anyway. On the other hand, I think stuff I post can wait until someone is in front of a computer.

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  • Lila

    gifs load quite well on an iPhone

    • CajoleJuice

      Well if anyone would know best, it’d be a reader of my blog who owns an iPhone.

  • Frank

    Let’s make you an iPhone app to retrieve your posts and media instead of worrying about your iphone browser friendliness :d

    • CajoleJuice

      Sure to be a million-seller.