I Got Called A Dick On Twitter

2009 December 14
by CajoleJuice

Yes, I did.

Battery…dying. Guy in the back likes some show called Peepshow. He sounds like a dick. #livetweetingAVclub

I was the “guy in the back.” Awesome. And yes, this was a week ago — and yes, I realize I haven’t written a blog post for about three weeks. Although I didn’t realize that latter fact until today. I don’t even know what I’ve been doing. Lying in bed in the dark with the blinds drawn thinking about past and future mistakes? Nope, not at all.

Anyhow, back to being called a dick. #livetweetingAVclub would be a Twitter reference to this A.V. Club event in Brooklyn, which I attended for the hell of it — because what else was I going to do on a Monday night? The event started at 8, and I got to the hipster bar at about 7:30, looked around for a bit, didn’t notice anything signifying an A.V. Club book reading, so I sat at the bar and ordered a beer I had never heard of. When I say hipster bar, I mean people were sitting around reading, and there were bocce ball courts. Indoors. But maybe that’s not even hipster; maybe Union Hall used to be a Italian retirement home.

So I start talking to a girl who’s also there for the A.V. Club thing, and after 10 minutes or so, she says she’s going downstairs. Ohhhhh, so THAT’S where everything is going down. I didn’t even realize there was a downstairs. This obliviousness led to my vision of the tiny stage and projector, when I finally made my way down there just before 8 PM, being almost totally blocked. One of the few times I wish I were taller than 5’7″, in addition to almost every other waking moment.

This backstory is important (not really) because about an hour in, I just gave up on twisting my neck and standing on my toes to see what was going on, and decided to make my way to the back to get another drink. Turns out there was even a stool to sit on. Fuck standing and being dry, it’s about sitting and getting drunk. At some point during my imbibing of Blue Point Toasted Lager, the A.V. Club fellas mentioned that there would be a Q&A sesh after their formal presentation. It was then that I decided I would ask about the total absence of Peep Show from their TV of the Decade coverage. I could excuse most entertainment outlets for not mentioning an absolutely hilarious British sitcom that has only had its first season aired on BBC America years ago, but not the A.V. Club.

The problem was that, as a result of being ALL the way in the back, I would have to yell at the top of my lungs to be heard. I feel like it’s hard not to sound like a dick when you’re yelling your lungs out and no one can even see you. Perhaps yelling, “Everyone should watch it!” — after the ONE PERSON among the A.V. Club personalities who had seen it finished her thoughts — didn’t help. So it was at this point at which that tweet must have been…tweeted.

I then proceeded to drink more and then go up to the A.V. Club writers and subsequently implored them all to watch Peep Show. Except for the one cool chick who had already seen it and loved it — and also wrote this article almost a year ago! If her co-workers didn’t listen to her, why would they listen to me? I was just a drunken lunatic raving about some British sitcom. But if the A.V. Club starts reviewing old Peep Show episodes — or at the least the 1st series DVD — I will take credit.

Oh, and I was also photographed for The Onion at some point during the night. So, out of the people who read this who know my ugly mug, keep a lookout for me in an embarrassing photoshop of some kind, most likely with an equally embarrassing caption or quote accompanying it.

Now watch the second episode of Peep Show on Hulu:

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