Your “Cover of ‘All Along the Watchtower’ You’ve Most Likely Never Heard” Of the Week

2009 October 9

Bear McCreary – All Along the Watchtower

I was going to embed the YouTube video of this, even though Battlestar Galactica nerdiness isn’t very cool, but luckily the video couldn’t even be embedded. So mp3 only! I’m going to end up talking about BSG anyway, I apologize. The show left a bad taste in my mouth with its fairly disastrous final season, but there were still at least some high points. And even though the 4th season was bad, that doesn’t stop the first two and a half seasons from being probably the most epic show I’ve ever watched. Every time I go back and listen to the soundtracks (usually skipping around), I remember how much I enjoyed it, and get the urge to post a random song on this blog.

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