Every Disaster Movie Ever…Combined

2009 June 18

This is the trailer for 2012, from the guy who brought you Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. Where can Ronald Emmerich go from here? There are only so many ways to kill millions upon millions of people, and then come up with some deus ex machina to save the few left. I wish the entire movie was just disaster porn, but unfortunately, there does seem to be some sort of plot involving John Cusack and his family.

People love Planet Earth. Why can’t someone just make Planet Earth Destroyed, where instead of clips of a shark jumping out of the ocean to totally wreck some seal’s life, we get to watch skyscrapers collapse, asteroids rain down, and California fall into the ocean? This would all be scored by Clint Mansell. Because he’s awesome.

If you care to watch the destruction in HD, here are the direct links:



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