Ok, This Looks Pretty Damn Cool

2009 March 25

The following is a trailer for Where The Wild Things Are, a Spike Jonze-directed adaptation of the children’s book. You know, I’ve heard about this movie for a while, and so many people seemed to be looking forward to it. I thought it was just because of some Spike Jonze worship or some similar hipster crap. After watching this trailer at work, I decided to finally google the book, and now I feel like an idiot. Granted, I never had any emotional attachment to the book, but I’m pretty sure we (and by we, I mean pampered suburban white kids) all recognize this cover:

But this is about all I remember. Apparently it only contains ten sentences anyway.

I just don’t think much of my childhood was spent reading. I was either playing videogames or playing baseball until I got hit in the face and started crying. That shit was awesome. As is the trailer after the jump:

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  • Lila

    Oh man, I loved this book! My memory is a but fuzzy concerning its content, but the cover evokes all kinds of memories! And I am far from being a pampered suburban white kid, want to try inner-city Moroccan kid? xD

    Video games were pretty cool but all I remember is playing Rayman Evolution or something (was that his name? Rayman? Ryman?) and Burnout. God I loved those car games.

  • http://somewhatmanlynerd.com/blog CajoleJuice

    Yes, but what about the TRAILER!

    And Burnout is the greatest racing series ever.

  • Lila

    Oh wow haha, got carried away and completely forgot to address the point of the post. The trailer is awesome, it all looks so beautiful (some brilliant scenery in there) and it’s great what they’ve done in order to make it standard film length