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2009 February 24

Greg Rutter’s Definitive List of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You’re a Loser or Old or Something

Pretty decent list. Of course, there are going to be videos or websites that were particularly special to a group of friends that you think you should be on there, but I think he covered all the huge ones. The one video I would add would be Tokyo Breakfast. It was right up there with the GI Joe dubbed cartoons back in middle school. And I have had random people on the internet quote it along with me, so I know it wasn’t just my group of friends.

Ah, I haven’t watched that in so long. Still obscenely hilarious.

(Also, Chuck Norris facts were massive for a while there, but I guess they fell from grace.)

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  • B||oodSire-AA-

    Valve, you dont see me walking around trashing your servers do you? …Then why are you trashing my game?

    Okay, so the new unlocks pretty much suck, that was to be expected coming from valve’s genius think tank. This update took them 6 months to release since their last update, when they originally projected to be done with the entire process after 6 months.

    It seems, after a year, and only being done with 4 of 9 updates…some might say, they are somewhat behind. They are a nice company, they’re nice guys, but me and them are done professionally.

    Anyway, as for the weapons themselves. GARBAGE. If you were to take a group of seasoned TF2 griefers…like, maybe those on the 4chan servers…put them in a room and said “alright gives us 3 weapons to piss people off with” they would not have come up with a better set of unlocks.

    Maybe the primary would be more grief orientated, but thats it. Either way, it couldn’t get more useless.

    A baseball bat that throws a baseball and stuns people? A drink that gives a scout a mini-uber? “Its fucking DISTRACTING!”

    Not to mention the fact that the drink is highly exploitable. The thing is supposed to have a recharge time before use right? WRONG. Pop a drink in respawn and keep hitting the resupp cabinet, do it for about 30 seconds. Then go fight…you’ll be able to pop a drink one right after another indefinitely. You wont kill anything, but you wont die. You’ll just keep running around pissing everyone off, making all the other griefers jealous as they say to themselves, “whys that scout there, whats he doing there?”

    Then theres the Primary unlock. The Force-A-Fail …a 2 shot shotgun that does the same damage as the old gun, but only fires 2 shots?? I want to use this because it knocks people AWAY from me? Thats genius. Lets take a class that can only kill things when they are right next to a player and with a certain speed and make it so that they have a weapon that pushes the player away from the scouts lethal killing zone while slowing their shooting speed to a 3rd of what it once was. Great, sign me up, idiots.

    Scattergun = 6 shots at 100 damage a shot = 600 damage
    Force-a-bullshit = 2 shots at 100 damage = 200 damage (oh yeah plus a sweet knockback effect that if you land your first shot properly will push the enemy player out of 100 damage a shot range, doing even less damage)

    Then they tell me I am supposed to want the knockback effect on myself? Like I cant double jump? Like a 3rd jump is incredibly useful when its barely the height of another single jump, and then leaves me with only 1 shot to defend myself with?

    So a scout with the scattergun can hop any which way, jump on things, jump off things, come from ANYWHERE guns blazing…BUT, a scout with the force-a-screwthisuselesspeaceofshit can stay on the ground and push people out of harms way?

    Did anyone at valve NOT realize that if a scout uses his double jump ability but at the same time also wants to shoot (and pairing of non-related events that obviously never happened during playtesting) that the scout gets stopped dead in the air, making him a sitting duck? What if the scout gets attacked and shot up into the air and wants to shoot? He gets thrown back into a wall/off a cliff/off a point/ stuck in the air.

    But hey, if I stay on the ground in a linear/predictable playstyle I get to push guys away!

    Well I hope it was worth it because its bloody useless now isnt it?

  • CajoleJuice

    Instead of deleting this, I’m going to leave it so it looks like people actually comment on my posts.