I Can’t Believe I Just Spent an Hour and a Half Doing This

2009 January 25
by CajoleJuice

No, it did not take me an hour and a half to make that. It took me an hour and a half to make that and nine other Obamicons. I’m pretty sure that this site is older than Clint Eastwood, but I just discovered it tonight.


It’s something you could cook up in Photoshop fairly easily, but automated things are always better — and more addictive. My other creations can be seen at my profile. Movie references, mostly.

My favorite from the internet wild would be this:

If you don’t get the reference, go watch Die Hard again. If you haven’t seen Die Hard, you better have a good excuse. Like being 3 years old.

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  • http://www.ps3forums.com roosters93

    hey cajolejuice,
    what’s the first pic of?

    i added your blog to my links widget on my blog.
    i wouldn’t mind if you did the same for me. :P

  • http://thesomewhatmanlynerd.wordpress.com/ CajoleJuice

    Dumb and Dumber. Kids these days…

    And sure, I’ll add ya.

  • vasamorir

    You know, I made my own Dumb and Dumber reference today. They were asking for 10 dollars for a keg, and I gave 20 and said “in case I want seconds.”

    Nice work.