Hey You, Buy Audiosurf

2008 November 5
by CajoleJuice

See, instead of telling you to vote, I tell you which videogames to buy. I also like telling you which movies and TV shows to watch, and occasionally which books and music to spend your time reading and listening to. I know you need the guidance.

You should’ve already bought Audiosurf — even though it gets old a bit too quick — but now you are obligated to purchase it. I will IP ban you from this blog if you don’t. It is TWO DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS on Steam. Even if it gets old, it’s TWO DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS. You probably spend three or four times that to see shitty movies in theaters. So basically, if you manage to get 30 minutes of entertainment out of this, you’ve broken even. You’ll get more than that, unless you hate music and videogames. Like the tagline says: Ride Your Music. And not in the groupie sex way. It really is like you are interacting with your favorite songs.

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