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2008 October 15

Is it just me or has there been an influx of legitimately creative and original games recently? Examples include Portal, Braid, Assassin’s Creed, Mirror’s Edge, Little Big Planet, not to mention games with twists on old formulas like SKATE and Left 4 Dead. World of Goo deserves a place among these games, as it is a charming, physics-based puzzle game that is just as short and sweet as Portal.

The goal of the game is to make goo balls all of different colors and properties make it to the goal — a pipe that sucks them in to collect them for the World of Goo Corporation. The first level just starts out with you building a simple bridge, but there are levels where you need to blow up goo balls in certain ways, or make a string hang in the air at just the right height with balloons. An extra is that you get to make a massive Tower of Goo to compete with other players, which is probably the most addictive part of the game for me. For every ball of goo you collect over the level goal, you get to add a ball of goo to your tower. As you build your tower, you see clouds floating around that display the towers you’re competing against. So awesome. Who doesn’t love building stuff really high?

The demo I’m about to link you to includes all of Chapter 1. The only problem I have with this fact is that most of levels have you building a similar tower or bridge structure. Chapter 2 is when the game truly gets interesting, so I implore you to buy the game on Steam or Wii (*shudder*) if you AT ALL enjoy the demo. I bought it blindly and did not regret it. The one person I came across online that didn’t like it at all was a total moron who basically couldn’t figure out how to play. I believe that was the demographic McCain was shooting for tonight. Anyway…

Here’s your demo:

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Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Edit: The demo is now available on Steam.

Enjoy. Or GTFO and vote for McCain.

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