Quick MLB Playoff Predictions

2008 October 1
by CajoleJuice

The positive side of the Mets failing once again is that I don’t have to choose between watching their playoff games and studying. Now I at least have a chance of controlling myself and not watching the playoffs as much as humanly possible.

Red Sox vs. Angels – Red Sox in 4
White Sox vs. Rays – Rays in 3
Dodgers vs. Cubs – Dodgers in 5
Brewers vs. Phillies – Brewers in 5

Red Sox vs. Rays – Red Sox in 6
Brewers vs. Dodgers – Dodgers in 5

Dodgers vs. Red Sox – Red Sox in 5

I picked the Red Sox, but I rather have the Rays or Dodgers win. So I’ll win either way. Unless the Cubs win, in which case it will be known as the beginning of 2 Great 2 Depressing for years to come.

Ok, I need to sleep. Or study.

Now I wait six months for another Mets season to start.

Edit: I’m already thinking of changing my pick to the Rays. I shouldn’t be denying the Year of 200Rayght.

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