Worst Sports Sunday Ever

2008 September 14
by CajoleJuice

Let’s see. The Mets had a 4-2 lead going into the 9th inning against the Braves. The Jets were facing a Tom Brady-less Patriots team. And the Phillies had two games versus the Brewers. All of these things turned out as badly as possible. The Mets bullpen imploded for I believe the 462th time this year. I didn’t think that was possible — considering there’s only 162 games in a season — but they’ve done it. I should’ve figured it would happen 12 hours after I said the Mets shouldn’t pay K-Rod $15 million a year. The worst part about it is that Oliver Perez had a good game and I left him on my fantasy bench. I was going to set my Sunday roster the previous afternoon, but I told myself I’d do it that night. BUT I NEVER DID. I’m not sure if he would’ve lowered my ERA and WHIP enough to win either category, but I blew my only shot at winning the week.

Meanwhile, I didn’t get to watch much of the Jets game, but I know they lost, and that’s enough. And the Phillies swept their doubleheader against the seemingly permanently hungover Brewers. So now the Mets have only a 1 game lead in the NL East with the Phillies seemingly beginning to surge and the Jets look like they don’t have an open road to the division title after all. Maybe the Brewers will collapse so sharply that the Mets could grab the wild-card. But on the bright side, if they don’t make the playoffs I’ll have more time to study.

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