This is Me Drunk

2008 July 29

I’m kinda pissed right now because I have a bunch of candidates for posts, but i’m too intoxicated to truly get them off the ground at this point. Plus I was out during the time I would’ve used to form the posts. Instead, you will get this stream of consciousness post that will verge on total shit. Speaking of total shit, Transformers was on my bar tonight. You know, I actually enjoyed the movie in theaters, but it has to be the first movie where being intoxicated actually LOWERED the enjoyment level of the movie. Or maybe I just had a spat of retardedness last summer.

But I’m not as dumb as Shia LaBeouf. I WALKED home tonight. I didn’t drive. Unfortunately for Shia, he drank and drove. And then crashed into another car. NONONONONONONONOONONONO. All celebrities have to do is NOT drink and drive, NOT get caught doing drugs, NOT beat up their mom and wife. Yet somehow, so many of them fall to the forbidden pleasures of life. Did I just say beating up your mom was a pleasure of life? I’m taking my man-crush on Christian Bale a bit too far.

ohhhh Christian Bale. I’m going to write a spoiler-filled post about The Dark Knight. I really liked the movie, but there’s definitely stuff to rip on, and I will.


No, I won’t. I will find stuff to criticize in The Dark Knight. IT SHOULD HAVE ENDED 45 MINUTES EARLIER.

Anyway, the Mets bullpen is more worthless than Reichsmarks at the end of World War II. YEA, I JUST WROTE THAT. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?!? I’m apparently not drunk enough if I’m referencing foreign currency. Foreign currency that doesn’t even exist anymore. Whatever, I visited there before the whole EURO craze. Damn Euro, making our US dollar look bad.

Man, I love walking out of a bar to see two people making out. And then going back inside to finish my beer by myself. With Transformers playing on the TV. That shit is AWESOME.

I really hope I don’t have much to do at work tomorrow.

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