My First Foray Into Blu-ray

2008 May 11
by CajoleJuice

Get it? It rhymes. Yes, I am a loser.

I watched a bit of each of these today. I could quickly see why T2 was so comparatively cheap. It truly doesn’t look that much better than a DVD. But the intro credits sequence is still as badass as ever — even on YouTube. Conversely, both 2001 and Blade Runner look pretty damn impressive. I didn’t watch enough of either to really decide which one looked better, but I found a page that does the work for me.

AVS Forum – PQ Tier Thread for Blu-ray

If you own a Blu-ray player (re: a PS3), or are just thinking of getting one soon, I highly recommend adding that to your bookmarks. They seem to be updating it too. The list agrees with what I saw: T2 is disappointing, and 2001 and Blade Runner both look great. They still aren’t the pinnacle of the format though. Too bad I’m interested in buying basically none of their top-rated Blu-rays. Tier 0 indeed. Hot Fuzz needs to come out on Blu-ray — I hear it looks amazing on HD-DVD.

Anyway, I’m off to lay in bed with my laptop, while watching T2. I wish I had an HDTV and Blu-ray player, but what I am gonna do? I couldn’t help myself after watching The Dark Knight trailer in HD. I should probably watch one of the others, but I haven’t watched T2 in it’s entirety in years. ARNOLD.

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