Obama is Unstoppable

2008 February 20

I really should be in bed, but since I’m still up doing nothing, I figured I might as well write an entry.

Barack Obama has just taken his 9th and 10th straight states in the Democratic primary/caucus campaign.

Wisconsin Primary (99%)
Obama: 58%
Clinton: 41%

Hawaii Caucus (I’M calling it at 26%)
Obama: 74%
Clinton: 26%

I’m no political junkie, but it seems more and more that Hillary is in for a surprise in two weeks. And she didn’t offer congratulations to Obama, again. I wish I had some interesting or comical quips, but all I have is this gif from (where else) GAF.

Tenacious D rocks.

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  • anth

    obama girl = hot

    that gif is awesome