My Mind Just Got Blowed…

2008 February 8

…blown…blowed out.

The writers of a blog that I really should start reading on a daily basis — Fire Joe Morgan — have announced their true identities. They are all TV writers. And one of them plays Mose Schrute, the brother of Dwight Schrute on The Office. I think I stopped watching The Office in the beginning of Season 4, so I missed his character being used more, but I do remember his bit spot in an episode of Season 3. Maybe he’s been concentrating more on writing Fire Joe Morgan, since that site has been awesome for a long time, while The Office pretty much dove off a cliff (but then again, pretty much every TV show did last year, personally). I don’t know why I never made it a habit to keep up with FJM. Well, I added it to my blogroll, so hopefully I’ll remember to read it daily now.

In other news, a high-school football player named Kevin Hart lied about getting recruited by two Division I programs. He even had a press conference at his school where he picked the school, with school officials and fellow classmates cheering his decision. No doubt he got laid shortly thereafter. Then it came out that the two colleges had never heard of him. It was all over the internet and ESPN. It looked like a poor, naive teenager and his parents had gotten duped by a ruthless faux-agent. It was funny, but sad at the same time.

Maybe he didn’t like being made to look like a fool, maybe he realized he couldn’t push the lie any further, but soon after Hart confessed and made himself look like the egotistical, douchebag football player he is. How do you make that shit up? How can he even attend high school anymore? On the other hand, hopefully this makes insane college football fans look at themselves and ponder why in God’s name they care about where high-school football players go to college. I’m glad my lies as a teenager were never nationally televised. But then again, I never got a press conference. So now it’s just funny.

By the way, this is the kid — in the Heisman pose pic (provided by Deadspin) that is oh so ironic:

If you ever happen to see him, make sure to point and laugh.

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