Team Fortress 2 Beta on MONDAY!!

2007 September 11
by CajoleJuice

The only catch is that you need to preorder the Orange Box on Steam. This means you need to buy the package that includes every major Half-Life 2-related game. If you already bought Half-Life 2 (which you most definitely did) and Episode 1, be prepared to buy them again. Fortunately, with the preorder discount, the massive package that is the Orange Box comes out to only $45. I was ready to pay $40 for just HL2: Episode 2, Portal, and TF2. Now I get Episode 1 (which I never bought, luckily) and a cool, Half-Life themed demo of a game called Peggle for only $5 more. Plus, I get to play TF2 early.

I’m pretty freaking excited right now. I’m also praying. Praying that my laptop runs TF2. According to the site System Requirements Lab (WARNING: Open in Internet Explorer), my video card only has 32 MB RAM, while the Orange Box games require 128 MB video RAM (HL2 only needed 16 MB VRAM). I might be in deep shit. We will see on Monday. That’s when I’ll know if I need to get the 360 version or not.

Also: Meet the Engineer Video. Valve > Pixar.

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