Barry Bonds Ruined My Weekend

2007 August 9
by CajoleJuice

The past few days had been some of the most enjoyable my short life had experienced. I saw the best movie to come out this year, a friend had a 21st birthday drunken bash, and I witnessed my favorite band rock the faces off a sellout crowd at MSG. Barry Bonds destroyed all these memories…

…or not.

As a lover of the great game of baseball, am I truly supposed to be that outraged? Possibly in awe? Excited? As the Deadspin headline today said, “In The End, You Don’t Feel Nothing.” I slept through baseball history last night and as I awoke to ESPN falling over itself, all I could think about was what I was going to eat for lunch. Never would I have imagined being so indifferent to a new Home Run King being crowned. Congratulations Barry “Cream and the Clear” Bonds, you officially tarnished (Goddamn it, I was looking for a specific word, but I can’t think of it – I really need to start reading more) the greatest record in American sports. Maybe I’ll get more excited for A-Rod breaking the record in 7 or 8 years, but I’ve never gotten that caught up in records being broken. Even at 12 years old I barely gave a crap about McGwire and Sosa decimating Roger Maris’s single-season record. Maybe because even back then at such a young age I knew they were cheaters and liars. Hell, I don’t even remember caring all that much about Ripken breaking Lou Gehrig’s record. Lou Gehrig > Cal Ripken Jr. any day of the fucking week.

So now that this is finally over, ESPN has to go back to A-Rod and the Yankees and in a few years we will be seeing daily updates on A-Rod’s chase for Bonds. Maybe by then it’ll come out that A-Rod has used HGH and everyone will hate him too. I wouldn’t doubt it at this point. A significant percentage of players are no doubt still taking HGH because there’s no test for it. Why wouldn’t you take it?? Blah, now I’m actually getting riled up.

Ignorance truly is bliss.

Courtesy of Busted Tees

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