Action Movie Trailer Extravaganza

2007 August 2
by CajoleJuice


I’ve been slacking for a while now. I can probably blame it on my full-time internship that basically takes up 10 hours of each day, but there’s plenty of bloggers out there that keep getting it done, even with a real job to worry about. They probably get to write some content during the work day, though. As a lowly intern that doesn’t even have his own cubicle, I’m a bit reticent to engage in such activity.

To make amends for my sloth-driven lack of updates, I’m going to supply a few movie trailers. The first is for The Bourne Ultimatum, a trailer I should have posted weeks ago when it was released, as it’s only going to be the movie of the summer, and the year so far. Barring unforeseen events, I will be seeing it opening night a.k.a. tomorrow. It’s going to shit on the sorry excuses for action blockbusters that have been released thus far this year.

The Bourne Ultimatum Trailer Page 

The second trailer is for a film that looks like Crank, only with even more shooting, better actors, and Monica Bellucci: Shoot ‘Em Up. Warning: this is the R-rated trailer, and it shows A TON (maybe too much) of the action, but damn if it doesn’t look ridiculously awesome.

Shoot ‘Em Up Red-band Trailer

This last trailer wraps up the post nicely. It’s the teaser trailer for the sequel to the greatest superhero movie ever made. It doesn’t even show any footage, but it includes the new voice of a classic villain – more than enough to give me that special feeling in my pants.

The Dark Knight Teaser

 God, this Batman trilogy is going to destroy every comic-book related thing that has come before it.

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