Liddell Was Right About the 1st Round KO…

2007 May 27
by CajoleJuice

Unfortunately, it was him that got knocked out. With one textbook right hook.

After all the publicity Chuck Liddell has been getting lately – the covers, the interviews, the appearance on Entourage – he gets his shit ruined in less than two minutes. From the get-go Quinton “Rampage” Jackson just looked like the more composed and in-shape of the two. Liddell always looks like he trains for his fights by drinking 12-packs.

I haven’t seen anything else from UFC 71 (other than some GIFs) and I’m not any type of authority on UFC, never mind MMA (mixed martial-arts) as a whole, but I hear that the fights last night were all good ones, and that can only mean great things for MMA. I feel like a lot of people watched their first full UFC event last night and they were probably all impressed. The Liddell-Rampage fight truly showed the unpredictability of the sport and having a black champion like Rampage might bring a whole new audience to MMA.

Boxing is so dead.

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  • Boogie

    haha, holy shit Cajole, you just got linked by one of the best MMA sites for your thoughts on the fight.

  • CajoleJuice

    WOAH. I read the article. I thought it was just a pingback, but they actually link my blog. That’s so awesome, haha.

  • Frank

    I love MMA and have probably the last 15-20 UFC’s on my external if you want any. I have even participated in a MMA club at Tech a little last Fall I hope I can get into it again.