Happy Valentine’s Day

2007 February 14
by CajoleJuice

I really was ready to go animal on this shit holiday, but I’m in a decent mood. This is despite the shitty conditions I had to walk through to get to class this morning. Amazingly, we didn’t get all that much snow on Long Island. Maybe I shouldn’t say amazingly, because most of the time we seem to get the least snow when a storm comes around. I still can’t believe the insane amount of snow they’ve gotten upstate though. 11 feet. You haven’t lived until you’ve shoveled your house out of a 20 foot snowdrift.

Anyhow, to all you couples out there, have a nice sex-filled Valentine’s Day. I’m going to spend the day with my valentine – The Departed DVD.

This just in: Perry Bible Fellowship’s take on Valentine’s Day.

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