Early Spring Predicted by Groundhog…and the UN

2007 February 2
by CajoleJuice


The day after a UN report was released that stated that global warming has been “very likely” caused by human activity and temperatures will only continue to rise, Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow for the first time since 1999. Coincidence? Maybe Phil just keeps up with the news. Either way, this probably means we won’t be getting much snow this winter up in the NYC tri-state area – it’s not like we’ve been getting any so far.

The report represents the most authoritative science on global warming as the panel comprises hundreds of scientists and representatives. It only addresses how and why the planet is warming, not what to do about it. Another report by the panel later this year will address the most effective measures for slowing global warming.

Well, they better get on that pronto. The scariest part of the report, though, is that the scientists say, “no matter how much civilization slows or reduces its greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and sea level rise will continue on for centuries.” We are so fucked.

I am really interested in their suggestions to curb the progress of rising global temperatures. This report is just the confirmation of what every scientist has been saying for years and years. This time they all came together to make sure the world takes them as seriously as possible. I’ll admit that Bush mentioned alternative fuels in his State of the Union address, but I want to see some real fucking action taken by politicians to address this disasterous issue. And it’s not just Bush that should be blamed for our dependence on oil, it’s every damn President this country has had. If alternative fuels were pushed earlier, than we never would have had to go into Iraq. No one would care if the entire Middle East blew themselves up.

I don’t want to turn this into a “Blood for Oil” argument, but no one can tell me that our involvement in the Middle East isn’t at least somewhat attributable to our need for cheap oil. Now, with this report, there is all the more reason to take out focus off of burning fossil fuels and to do our absolute best to fund research into alternative fuels. We’ve spent so much damn money, and will continue to spend money, on this war that could’ve been better utilized in so many different areas. Goddamn it, I’m getting myself worked up here. It’s just that Waterworld is such a bad movie…

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