Senator Al Franken?

2007 February 1
by CajoleJuice


It looks like he’s going to win too. Uh yeah…I don’t know what to say. I don’t much politics, but it seems celebrities are all about it now. First, Governor “The Body” Ventura, then The Governator, and now a comedian as a Senator. And two of those in Minnesota.

I haven’t read any of Franken’s books, but I’ve heard that they’re pretty hilarious. I do know that he’s a huge liberal and has always been a very outspoken critic of Bush – a fact and that will only help him nowadays. So yea, that’s all I got. The link has the real info.

I can’t wait to see Bill O’Reilly’s response to this.

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  • MiG

    Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me!

    (and yes, it is “that” MiG, jarosh isn’t your only groupie now!)

  • CajoleJuice

    Sweet! Too bad Ninja Scooter is going to murder me soon.

    I mistook Eddie Vedder for Scott Stapp in that trailer for “Reign Over Me.” I edited quickly, but DM saw it. I’m a dead man.

    But really, thanks for comments.