My Christmas Loot

2006 December 28
by CajoleJuice

I raked in some pretty good gifts this year, and some major cash money. This list is going to include some stuff I bought for myself with money I recieved early from my grandparents…

The Wire Seasons 1-3

I had only heard good things about this show for a while. I then bought the first season on a complete impulse buy after my friend said it’s his favorite show on television. Soon after, I found out Best Buy was having a 50% sale on HBO series on Christmas Eve (argh). I consequently got the next two seasons during that sale. I’m only halfway through the first season (only because I promised my friend to watch it with him) and it’s definitely a great show. Nothing mindblowing, but I’m not at all mad I paid the money for it. It truly shows what it’s like to be on both sides of a drug crackdown. It delves into police politics and corruption and how tough it can be to build and close a case; conversely, it follows the operation of a drug ring and the personal lives of the people caught up in “the game.” The show is really starting to pick up now and I can’t wait to watch the rest of it.

The Office Seasons 1 & 2

The funniest show on television, since Arrested Development was cancelled. I actually watched the first episode because I had watched the British Office and thought it was good (not but as great as many people feel it is) and also because Steve Carell was involved. Watching the first episode was painful, as it was basically the same exact script as the first British episode, and it seemed worse, even though I didn’t exactly love the British version either. I didn’t start watching again until the second season, by which the show had become amazingly hilarious. Even the first season has a couple of absolutely great episodes with Diversity Day and Basketball. The second season is one of the best seasons of television I’ve ever since. Almost every episode brings the laughs throughout and the Pam-Jim relationship will even get guys teary-eyed. The deleted scenes, from what I’ve seen, are damn good as well. The commentaries are great too. There’s even 10 short “webisodes” on the Season 2 DVD. The amount of funny material related to this show is insane. These DVDs are needed to complete any collection.

Seinfeld Season 7

This is the last season with Larry David at the writing helm with Jerry, which some people feel signalled the downfall of the show. From watching some later episodes now as I get older, I can see where they were coming from. But it started even in this season, while Larry David was still there. And I also adore some of the Season 9 episodes. Anyhow, this is just like the other 5 DVD sets already out – I just need to complete my collection. What can I say? It’s the funniest show in the history of television, even if some people felt the Season 7 finale went a bit too far. I need to watch the extra stuff on this disc, especially “Larry David’s Farewell.”

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 5

This season started out pretty slow, but it redeemed itself with a few damn good episodes and a wonderful finale. The show could’ve ended with it and I wouldn’t have complained. But like all HBO series, it’s overpriced. That’s why I have other people buy them for me. Larry David is the funniest old Jew alive.


A game made by the same guys behind GTA, only this time the mischief is a bit less violent and vulgar – this game pits you back in middle school. I hear it’s a pretty fun game. I love the GTA games (although I have yet to play San Andreas, so I bet I’ll enjoy this game too.

Yoshi’s Island DS

Not a port of Yoshi’s Island, but a whole new game – I don’t know why they didn’t stick with the original 2 at the end. I’ve played through the first two worlds and it’s just as good as the original so far. Very, very fun game. Probably better than New Super Mario Bros, which was a bit of a letdown.

And then I got some t-shirts and some socks and a pair of pajama pants. Not a bad Christmas at all.

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