Live Free or Die Hard Teaser Trailer

2006 December 15
by CajoleJuice

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On July 4th, John McClane is back – but this time his head is shaven and he has the “I’m a Mac” guy as a sidekick. What the hell? I still eagerly await this movie, but those two circumstances alone put a damper on the whole thing. And then I saw that ridiculous spinning CG car that crashes right above McClane and Mac guy. It looks like something straight out of the Transporter 2. This is what happens when you have a Die Hard movie directed by the guy behind Underworld.

If you want to shoot back and say that there’s been equally ridiculous stuff in the first three Die Hard movies, maybe you have a point, but just the way that segment was shot screams “generic CGI action scene” I will admit that McClane driving a car into a freaking helicopter is pretty badass, though.

Die Hard With A Vengeance really set up the way this movie seems to be going. The first Die Hard was praised for its portrayal of a mortal hero and for its authenticity compared to the over-the-top movies of the 80s like Commando and Rambo. The second one is arguably even more realistic than the first, except for this scene:

But then Die Hard 3 came out and it was much more ludicrous than the first two. What saved it was Samuel L. Jackson as the sidekick, a pretty awesome script, and John McTiernan (the director of the original) back behind the camera. Granted, I can’t judge whether this fourth installment will deliver in the story and dialogue category, but the fact that it appears to be “John McClane saves the World” is another strike against it, in addition to the stuff already mentioned.

Here’s to hoping I’m wrong. I’m still going to be there opening weekend. Screw Transformers.

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