New The Dark Knight Poster

2008 April 24
by CajoleJuice

This movie continues to build hype, managing to seem more badass every time. (I do have to say that the suit really looks a bit too busy.) But who cares, best superhero movie ever incoming July 18th. Also, rumors are that the movie will be close to 3 hours long. All the more reason it NEEDS to be the best superhero movie ever.

Awesome wallpaper version:

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  • Batman Villains

    Nolan seems to deliver … They should put him in charge of all DC based movies …… work 48/24 ….

  • Moto

    Awesome Man sick im the first to post i think :P

  • Moto

    The DarkKnight is Sick But Iron Would Rape Him Easy. so dont even try to fight back with this convo cuz theres no way that Batman Could evar.. win Ownt (IronMan FTW!!)


    best fucking movie alive. Heath Ledger is a saint in Heavan today for his work in films. He deserves 400 Oscars for his performances.

  • Hannes Schneider

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